This cocktail is fitting for Valentine’s weekend, as it’s much like love itself; Bitter sweet, dreamy, and sometimes gone too fast!⁠⁠

1.5oz Tawse Vodka⁠⁠
1/2oz freshly squeezed lemon juice⁠⁠
1/2oz Black Currant simple syrup⁠⁠
1/2oz Campari⁠⁠
1 tsp of Rose Water⁠⁠
Top with Tonic water⁠⁠
Build over ice, slowly adding new ingredients over the back of a bar spoon to achieve the beautiful gradient. When you’re ready to drink (ie, done taking photos for Instagram!) mix well and enjoy.⁠⁠
Add a touch more syrup to sweeten it up, or a splash more Campari to relish in your bitterness. ⁠⁠