In celebration of the 2022 Summer Solstice Concert happening THIS SATURDAY we’ve created a pairing using the 2018 Cuddy Cabernet Merlot and a recipe for Lamb skewers, cucumber & fennel slaw, lemon & mint yogurt with grilled pita bread from Redstone Restaurant!

Grilled Lamb Skewers, with Cucumber & Fennel Slaw, Lemon & Mint Yogurt, Grilled Pita Bread


Lamb Skewers

6pc Lamb Tenderloin, cleaned
1 Tbsp. Cumin, Ground
6 pc 8” Bamboo Skewers, Soaked in water
TT Salt & Pepper

Mint Yogurt

1 x Cup Plain Greek Yogurt
¼ Lemon, Zest & Juice
3 x Mint Leaves, finely sliced
TT Ground Cumin
TT Salt & Pepper

Cucumber & Fennel Slaw

1 cup Cucumber, Peeled, Seeds Removed & Sliced
1 cup Shaved Fennel
6 x Mint Leaves, finely sliced
1 tsp Lemon Oil

Pita Bread x 2pc, Grilled


Lamb Skewers Skewer the Lamb and season with cumin, salt and pepper. Grill on high heat for 2 minutes on each side for medium rare to medium.

YogurtMix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

SlawMix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

PlatingPlace the slaw on the bottom of each plate. Arrange 3 Skewers on top of the slaw. Put the yogurt dip into a small ramekin on the side of the plate. Cut and arrange the grilled pita bread around the plate. Garnish with edible flowers and fresh herbs.