Tawse winery is excited to announce the 2019 Installment of our very popular Wine Education Series. 12 Seminars will be offered with topics ranging from proper tasting and service, the production of wine, sparkling wine & spirits and much much more! We are also offering our participants the opportunity to chose the topic for Wine Ed #11, the Wild Card session! Read on to see the topics for the 2019 Wine Education Series…


Wine Ed #1 – Wine 102

January 20, 1-3pm

In a continuation of Wine 101, this seminar will cover the topics of proper storage, serving and tasting of wine. Learn how to identify faults in wine, learn how and when to decant a wine and which glassware to use and more…

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Wine Ed #2 – For the Love of Spark!

Saturday, February 16th, 1-3pm

This is a rare opportunity to see how our Traditional Method Sparkling Wine is made first-hand. Winemaker Rene Van Ede will explain the Sparkling Wine terms such as Dosage, Riddling, Gyropallate and Disgorging mean. See our disgorging line in action, a rare and special treat indeed! Also learn about some of the other methods used to make Bubbles. The seminar will wrap up with a tasting of 4 Tawse Sparks! alongside perfectly paired treats!

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Wine Ed #3 – Train Your Senses

March 24th, 1-3pm

Learn how to identify the flavours and aromas in your glass and how to develop your wine palate and taste like a semi-pro!

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Wine ED #4 – Wine Science

April 14th, 1-3pm

There is little doubt that Winemaking is an art-form, but did you know that there is also a lot of science that goes into the production of your favourite bottle of wine?

Join Assistant Winemaker Jess Otting as she takes us ” inside the lab” to learn more about the Science of Wine.

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Wine ED #5 – Niagara’s Core Varietals

May 26th, 1-3pm

Niagara is known for producing Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc of superior quality. Learn why these varietals do so well here and compare those from other areas. Also learn about the up and coming superstar in Niagara… Gamay.

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Wine Ed #6 – Spirits 101

June 23rd, 1-3pm

In celebration of our Spirits launch in May, this seminar will delve into the world of distillation and what is being made at Tawse.

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Wine ED#7 – Cocktails 101

July 28th, 1-3pm

Now that we have covered how spirits are made, let’s learn how to make some delicious cocktails with them!

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Wine Ed #8 – Barrel Blending

August 11th, 1-3pm

 In this seminar our “students” will learn about the French oak barrels used for the fermentation and aging of our Chardonnays as well as the process used by Paul and Rene to determine the final blends.

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Wine Ed #9 – Vineyard 101

September 29th, 1-3pm

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of viticulture from root-stock, vinifera, biodynamics and much more.

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Wine Ed #10 – Harvest – Past, Present & Future

October 20th, 1-3pm

 In this seminar we will investigate vintages past to present and compare weather and other factors and their effects on the resulting wines produced.

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Wine Ed #11 – Wild Card!

November 17th, 1-3pm

We want to hear from you! Is there a topic that we haven’t covered that you would really like to learn about? Email Vicki with your suggestions by February 28th. The wining entry will receive 1 free spot at Wine Ed #11!

Wine Ed #12 – “Graduation” and Trivia Quiz

December 15th, 1-3pm

The final seminar of 2019 will be devoted to fun! The final “Exam” will be taken by all pupils in the form of a Trivia Quiz!

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Tickets are $75 per seminar and can be purchased by clicking on the links above.

Discounted Seminar Packages are also available:

3 Sessions for $175 (a $50 savings)
6 Sessions for $375 (a $75 savings)
12 Sessions for $700 (a $200 savings)

To purchase Seminar Packages please contact us at 905-562-9500 ext. 328 or EMAIL us for assistance.

Seating for these fun and exciting seminars are limited, be sure to get your tickets today!