We’re in love with the new @kvasfbco Cranberry Rosemary Simple Syrup, and created the perfect Christmas cocktail to celebrate! This dreamy cocktail is “The Betty Haynes” after the character played by Rosemary Clooney in the iconic film ‘White Christmas’. This dreamy, bubbly, smokey, sweet, and tart mixture is sure to have you counting your blessings this holiday season. ⁠

Rim glass with lemon and sugar ⁠
(Vermont must be beautiful this time of year, all that snow!)⁠
1oz Tawse Gin⁠
1/2oz KVAS Cranberry Rosemary Simple Syrup⁠
4 Dashes of Tawse Lemon Bitters⁠
A splash of cranberry juice for colour⁠
Top off with Tawse Spark Blend⁠
Garnish with sprig of Rosemary and 2-3 Frozen Cranberries⁠
(Enjoy with your sister, sister)⁠