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Full Moon-tini

HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! A little saucer full of space for your spooky season, this cocktail looks mysterious and dark but tastes like childhood [...]

Full Moon-tini2022-12-21T19:10:00+00:00

Pump Up the Cran

Vodka Cran, basic or a classic? Either way, bring it to the next level that will bring the jingle to you next mingle. [...]

Pump Up the Cran2022-12-22T15:01:21+00:00

Aphrodite’s Kiss

This cocktail is fitting for Valentine's weekend, as it's much like love itself; Bitter sweet, dreamy, and sometimes gone too fast!⁠⁠ 1.5oz Tawse [...]

Aphrodite’s Kiss2022-12-22T16:00:24+00:00

Creepy Vodka Cran

Happy Hallowe'en, cocktail lovers! We've got something extra spooky for you this week...the Creepy Vodka Cran! Developed by our in-house potions master @thebarlesstender this spin [...]

Creepy Vodka Cran2022-12-22T16:37:21+00:00

Apple Moscow Mule

In honour of National Vodka Day we’re sharing a true classic with an Autumnal twist! 2oz Tawse Organic Vodka 2oz Tawse Cider 1/2oz fresh [...]

Apple Moscow Mule2022-11-23T01:20:08+00:00

Haunted Vineyard

It's Happy Hour! What's bubbling in your cauldron today? We've got a scary delicious treat to ring in the most beautiful time of year here [...]

Haunted Vineyard2022-11-23T01:21:21+00:00
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