What are you sipping today? We’ve been creating some great new cocktails using our Vodka, and this one is a delicious farewell to summer on the Bench. The Cherry Ave Mojito is a nod to our street name, our flagship vineyard, and one of the region’s yummiest exports. With muddled mint, fresh cherries, Tawse Vodka and Bitters, and Kvas simple syrup… we’ve created the perfect balance of juicy fruit, refreshing mint, and tart acidity. 🍒

1 handful fresh mint
3 Niagara Cherries
1/2oz Kvas Cherry Hibiscus Simple Syrup
1oz Tawse Vodka
Juice from half a lime
3 dashes Tawse Aromatic Bitters & Tawse Wild Cherry Bark Bitters
Soda Water

Add 1 handful of fresh mint, 3 Niagara Cherries, and 1/2oz KVAS Cherry Hibiscus Simple Syrup to a cocktail shaker. Muddle well.
Fill cocktail shaker with ice and add 1oz Tawse Vodka, the juice from half a lime, 3 dashes of Tawse Aromatic Bitters and Tawse Wild Cherry Bark Bitters.
Shake and strain into a coupe glass OR a highball glass over ice.
Top with Soda Water, garnish with mint, cherry, and lime!